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Designing My Body: My Weight Loss Journey




































At the end of 2013 I was 281 lbs, in pain and unable to move without discomfort. I sweated profusely and feared having a heart attack. I was on the verge of becoming an insulin dependent diabetic by the time I was 49 years old. At the strong recommendation of my doctor, I needed to shed 80 pounds.  I worked hard to slim down in 2013 shedding 27 pounds by changing my eating habits and walking. At some point the weight loss stopped. I realized that I needed guidance and an extra push to help me lose the additional weight and tone my body. I met Cailah Brock Owner/Personal Trainer of Rock Solid Fitness in May of 2014. She was finishing her book about weight loss and healthy living. Cailah and I agreed that she would help me to 'redesign' my body and I would become the Editor of her book. We began working together as client/Editor June 2014. As a result of our connection I began a journey in self-discovery, embraced a healthier lifestyle and grew exponentially. Cailah has become a much sought after motviational speaker and has sinced published her book, Design Your Body: Your Guide to Cutting Through the Fat. She continues to offer expert training to her growing list of clients.


As of September 2015, I have lost at total of 75 pounds. Of those pounds, I lost 48 pounds thanks to a written training plan and Cailah's guidance. Her confidence in my ability to 'design my body' pushed me harder than I have ever pushed myself. Click on the picture of Cailah and me and watch our candid interview. Visit Cailah Brock's website and learn how you can 'design your body' and receive personal training advice.   

Patricia's Story 

Working out hard with Coach Cailah

Design Your Body interview




Age 49

Weight 206


Age 48

Weight 234

Hips (inches) 49.5

Waist (inches) 39.5

Right arm: 15.6 in

Right thigh: 24.6 in

Right calf: 17.2 in

BMI 37.76

Target BMI  36.50

JUNE 2014

Age 48

Weight 254

Hips (inches) 52.25

Waist (inches) 42.00

Right arm: 17.6 in

Right thigh: 27.4 in

Right calf: 17.8 in

BMI 40.99

Target BMI  36.50


MAY 2013

Age 47

Height 5'6

Weight 279

MARCH 2015

Age 48

Weight 216

April 2016
Age 49
Weight 208
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