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a Play in Three Acts


2007 Maryland State Arts Council 


Original Score Rhe Washington

Fall of the House of Snow is a drama set in a small metropolitan city in Virginia during the late 1980s. Essentially, the ‘House of Snow’ is a family of gay, Black men who have joined together for security and support.  The ‘House’ not only bears the name of Snow, each of its members has adopted Snow as their last name. References to the ‘House’ are both literal and figurative. (The play is based on a story told to the author. Any similarities to the play’s characters and any other female impersonators are totally coincidental.) In 2007 Fall of the House of Snow was presented with a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award and Governor’s citation. The play also received a financial award of $3,000. This money was used to fund the original logo, the rental of the Warehouse Theater in Washington, DC, a reception and party to celebrate the award.



Patricia and Victoria C. Snow

Richmond Triangle Players, 2016

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