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Despite the urgent response and commitment to HIV/AIDS research, increased marketing and promotional efforts that enforce the necessity of protection against sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS is still running rampant in the African American community. The increasing rate of infection suggests that we need a different approach to encouraging people to engage in healthier lifestyles void of risky behaviors. Fall of the House of Snow uses the history of the impact of HIV/AIDS in the African American community in the 1980s as a backdrop for educating the African American community with the goals of  encouraging healthy sexual behaviors , increasing the understanding of the importance of mental health services, emphasizing the importance of family education on how to support their loved ones who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, and providing art experiences that support and encourage social/behavioral change.


JUSTaSISTA has a current financial goal of $500,000. This funding will be used for staging the first official production and a full-scale dual tour launching in Richmond, VA, and traveling to theaters and colleges and universities in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and New York, Chicago, Toronto and then to Paris, France. Funding will cover administrative costs, a stipend for actors, promotional materials, travel expenses and a one person film crew and rental equipment to begin shooting, “The Making of Fall of the House of Snow”, the documentary.

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