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Personal Historian- Memoire/Biography/Ghostwriting

JUST-A-SISTA offers a wide array services for individual, small business, nonprofit, corporate, and entertainment clients. All projects are carefully and meticulously evaluated. Editorial feedback and suggestions are made to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the author's voice and story. All clients receive reasonable rates, personalized service, and an in depth engagement with their project. JUST-A-SISTA's ability to guide new and emerging authors by establishing a creative and mutually satisfying collaborative partnership, enhances and deepens the editorial experience for each client.



Author Coach Cailah Brock

Author LaChia Logan, edited 2018

Author Jenise Jones


As your personal historian JUST-A-SISTA will


  • Interview you, record your responses, and edit your memories, stories, and observations into a flowing narrative.

  • Organize, edit, and print a story that's already been written. A personal historian can also help by adding photos and captions, conducting interviews to clarify passages or find missing information, designing the book, and working with a printer.

  • Conduct research to add background and context to the stories you want to tell.

  • Edit, copy, transcribe all interviews and produce copy.

  • Create art that reflects a person's life, such as a photo montage, video or help to commission a special piece of artwork that reflects your story or family's story.


All copy, notes, recording/video documentation is the property of the AUTHOR. FOR GHOST WRITING CLIENTS the Writers name does not appear on the copy.


Honoring the intersectionality of people, art and education, JUST-A-SISTA actively seeks to cultivate and nurture collaborative partnerships with entrepreneurs, small businesses and agencies who share the same values; the merger of art, education and entertainment. JUST-A-SISTA seeks and invites partners from a variety of businesses and agencies, who support collaborative work, that witnesses and tells stories to elevate social and political issues that disproportionately affect marginalized communities. 

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