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Rise of the House of Snow tells the story of some of the fiercest African American artists and entertainers in the South. The House of Snow is one of the oldest surviving African American drag houses in the State of Virginia. And while stories have emerged about drag houses in the Ballroom culture of the North, Rise of the House of Snow reveals a gem in the former capital of the Confederacy, where a group of Black female impersonators rose from Richmond, VA to national recognition and notoriety using beauty, talent, and brains. The documentary will highlight a critically important historic moment in African American and gay history as seen through the lens of a African American queer woman who witnessed the legendary House of Snow ‘slay their competition' in the 80s. There is no documentation to date, that takes a microscopic look at black gay performance in the South and its survival during the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Rise of the House of Snow opens the door to the illustrious House of Snow and will highlight discussions about the formation of the House, the history and the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on their family.


Rise of the House of Snow features interviews, photographs and footage of the original Legendary Queens including Founder and the First House Mother, Earl ‘Christmas Snow’ Fleming, current House Mother Victoria Snow, Zakia Jemaceye, Founder of Nationz Foundation and Pageantry System as well as house members past and present who elevated and maintained the house for 30+ years. Unfortunately, several of the first generation members of the House of Snow have transitioned, but the remaining House members will share stories about them; including the Late Miss April Snow and Miss Autumn Snow. The House of Snow has grown into a large national house that is alive and vibrant on the stage, providing live performances at events and various venues around the country. Long live the House of Snow!


Rise of the House of Snow is a collaboration between  JUSTA-A-SISTA and The HOV Production House. Together we are Two Bulls Entertainment. We have joined together to produce this documentary because we both believe black and gay storytelling is necessary for the preservation of Black gay performance and history. In addition, the documentary is one component of a three-part entertainment triad, Fall of the House of Snow the play, documentary and screenplay.




Want to support JUST-A-SISTA and The HOV Production House?  We are actively seeking funding opportunities, financial partners, producers, interns and volunteer support. A portion of the proceeds for Rise of the House of Snow will be used to produce the play, Fall of the House of Snow.

from left to right: JUST-A-SISTA's Patricia 'Girl in a Tie' Corbett Earl 'Christmas Snow' Fleming, and Dominik Gerard of HOV Production House



The Legendary & Beautiful Earl "Christmas Snow Fleming, Founder
Make Up Artist, Modeling Coach, Illusionist

Chrismas Youth.jpeg
Christmas Snow.jpg

The Legendary Miss Victoria C. Snow, House Mother
'Multi-Talented National Title Winner'

Victoria 1_edited.jpg

The Legendary 'Glamorous and Real' Miss April Snow


The 'Elegant & Alluring' Miss Autumn Snow

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