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Storytelling & Cocktails is a 1-2 hour interactive story sharing event curated for ages 21+.The event boasts ‘true’ and ‘mostly true’ stories told by a professional bartender while blending craft cocktails, pouring wine, and/or beer. Storytelling & Cocktails is a ‘small batch’ event suitable for parties and groups of 10-15. As the audience changes, each show is as different as the attendees. The audience will ride with the bartender’s ‘stream of consciousness’ (wherever that may go).

Storytelling & Cocktails includes 3 stories per hour, 2 interactive mixed complimentary drink*, snacks, random

trivia, and a few opportunities for guests to share their own stories before those drinks kick!



shaken & stirred   BARTENDING SERVICES

Shaken Stirred & Poured

Whether you are entertaining 10 guests or 50 guests, Shaken & Stirred can rise to the occasion. We provide professional mixologists who will shake, stir, and pour for your private and intimate celebrations. We serve your beer, wine, or premium spirits or we provide choice drinks from our specialty drinks cocktail menu. We are prepared to serve you at any occasion

Private Parties &
special occasions

Need a bartender for your small party or event. Shaken & Stirred has professional staff ready to pour for private parties, ceremonies, and intimate events. We are available for major holidays and all of your private events.

mocktails & healthy options

Want to skip the alcohol and have a delicious and healthy party option? Let Shaken & Stirred blend a smoothie or cold-pressed juice for your health themed party, yoga group, or daytime event. Enjoy tasty drinks and reduce caloric intake. You choose from a menu of specialty mocktails and smoothies. We offer a healthy alternative to spirits.



berry delicious Juices

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